Amelia portrait: The Most “Best” Person Ever

Tonight’s post, a quick sketch and then thrown into Photoshop for color work with my Wacom pen and tablet. The subject of the sketch is pretty much the most “best” person ever, my daughter Amelia. She’s incredible. Right now i’d certainly say she’s my best friend in the world. We have the same sense of humor. I’m not certain what that says about me as Amelia is only 2 years old.

It’s funny about 2 year-olds, they really know how to enjoy life. It’s all the things we take for granted as we age that serves to blow their little 2 year old minds. For instance, how awesome are dinosaurs? Most adults take them for granted, but not little Amelia. She really takes the time to walk and roar as they do. What about the pure joy of eating a bowl of whipped cream or handfuls of marshmallows? Or the excitement of running in circles chasing a Dachshund with a star wand. It’s all the little things.

If you’re really stressed and the 9 to 5 has got you down, try acting like a two year old for one hour and I guarantee you will feel better, more excited about life. Please do this in the privacy of your home though.

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