Charlotte, NC

This city is a nightmare of noise and need
murmurs from every concrete seat cry help me, no—no, help me
I walk on feeling helpless to everyone but myself
sure, it would be easy to reach for the change in my pocket
or the extra in my wallet
“but that’s reaching to deep”, I tell myself
quietly so no one hears
I can walk around ignoring everyone I pass
I can walk with a “No” sitting on my lips like a jumper on a ledge

This city is a nightmare of noise and need
and I am lost in the thick of it, a dense canopy of beams
you sit on top of the Hearst tower with judgment
watching my greed or better yet—thoughtlessness
pretending your not just like me
sitting high above but living in the weeds
all the while we pretend we are nothing like them
all the while with a kiss on our foreheads like we were blessed