I transcribed my daughters story

This is a story that I transcribed for my daughter Amelia. This story is about her little brother Abram (a little over a year). Amelia illustrated and conceptualized this story. She is 3 years old.

Abram A Poop

Abram A Poop, by Amelia Gros


Once upon a time, there was a boy named Abram. He was always stinky. He pooped and he wooped and he snooped. (Amelia wanted to point out that the poop in this scene is black)


One day he went to school. Abram pooped at school. Abram was not allowed at school. (Amelia also pointed out here that his pooped was red)


Abram went to the doctor and wanted to eat crayons. (Amelia commented that Abram was running with crayons from Dr. Spy, who doesn’t exist in real life but judging from his name, is the best doctor ever.)


Abram goes to dance class. He wants to poop at dance class. (Amelia made it very clear that Abram in the scene is “black as night”. Probably due to some poop trauma.)