Love and commitment are blind to sexual orientation.

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I’m a 32 year old man, married to a wonderful woman and we have two fantastic children. Many would say this is the ideal family dynamic. I believe it is one ideal, one of many. Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I have seen many different types of successful families. I have known friends that were raised by just one parent, friends that were raised by grandparents or aunts… or uncles. I’ve known friends that were adopted. I’ve also had friends whose parents were gay.

What makes a family ideal?

What are family values?

It’s my deepest belief that a family is composed of those that love and care for one another. I believe that the right of two consenting adults, no matter their sexual orientation is to marry if they so desire. It’s not something that should be voted on. It’s not something that is bound to a particular religion. It’s a right. Our country needs to recognize the rights of Gays and Lesbians to wed as it is their right as much as it is mine.

I respect religions that do not recognize same-sex marriages. The particular religions that do so can continue with their freedom to do so. However, our government does not have this same freedom. It’s the job of the government to represent its citizens without bias of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation. The government should not choose a religious view to follow.

I am saddened by the restrictions placed upon Gay and Lesbian couples wishing to marry. I do not have words for the amount of pure disrespect our government has shown regarding their rights. I am very excited that our Vice President and President spoke in favor of same-sex marriage. However, I am hoping to see actual change.

I created a design to show support for Gay Marriage. I placed it on Zazzle ( and I pledge to donate my portion of it’s sales to It is a small percentage of each sale due to the amount Zazzle keeps for production, marketing and shipping but I’d really like to help more than just simply blogging about the topic.

If you disagree with same-sex marriage, I urge you to look at this issue with an open mind and heart. No matter your personal religious beliefs, I urge you to respect the rights of others as you would like them to respect yours.

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