The Art of the Show Poster

Tonight as I ran for miles on the treadmill, the Eels came on my streaming radio. As Mark Oliver Everett, aka “E” filled my ears with quiet melodies of gloom, I could only think of a little pink bird sitting on a grocery cart filled with junk. Yeah, strange right? In fact it was an image on one of The Eels’ gig posters. A beautifully crafted,  screen printed poster. Although not the most original of ideas, I decided to put together a post of some of my favorite posters.

The Eels

Toulouse Lautrec: Moulin Rouge – La Goulue

Flight of the Conchords

Neko Case

Animal Collective

Jimi Hendrix Experience

Built To Spill

Bob Dylan

Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Miles Davis


Andrew Bird


Broken Social Scene

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